Saturday, 3 September 2011

Patience Is Best,,,

It's been three months since we've started dating. Ever since 9th grade, we've always dreamt of being together. I used to give him love letters everyday when we were in high school. I'm in love with one of the best racers in the city. That gives me a good reputation. Well ever since he's got that car, he's been working on it 24/7. We barely have any time together anymore. On our last month anniversary, I bought him a new part for his car. He would always promise that he would get me something better if I wait... So i do. He told me not to buy him anymore things for him as he said it's his job to buy me things so I stopped and waited for our anniversaries.

- A Month Later
It's August 1st, and its our 4th anniversary. I see this beautiful necklace in a catalog I got in the mail. He walks in and puts his tools down to get a drink...
Mark: Hey babe, what are u doing?
Angelica: Looking at some jewelry.
Mark: Oh cool.
Angelica: By the way babe... Do u know what day it is?
Mark: Is it race night?
Angelica: No... Nevermind forget it.
Mark: Ok (Walks back into the garage to work on the car)
I stared at the catalog and touched the picture of the necklace while a teardrop fell onto the page. I went into the room and cried for about two hours straight. He didn't even notice how I felt that night. He has never gotten me anything for any of our anniversaries. I've waited for 4 months and yet there was still nothing.
- Another Month Later
It's September 1st, and its our 5th anniversary. I'm flipping through the channels and I found the first movie that we ever watched together. As usual, he was working on his car. He walks in to wash his hands...
Mark: Hey babe, what are you doing?
Angelica: Watching the first movie that we ever watched together.
Mark: Oh I remember that... (Smiles and walks out)
Angelica: Wait...
Mark: (Walks in again) Yes babe?
Angelica: Do u know what day is today?
Mark: Yeah it's friday... Why?
Angelica: Nothing... Never mind.
Mark: Oh Ok (Walks back into the garage)
I turned the TV off and ran into my room and cried for three hours this time. He still didn't notice it. He has never gotten me anything for any of our anniversaries. I've waited 5 months and still nothing.

- Another Month Passes

It's October 1st, and it's our 6th anniversary. I'm reading the love letters that he wrote to me when we were still in high school. He walks in and gives me a kiss on the cheek...
Mark: Hey babe, what are you doing?
Angelica: Reading your old love letters from high school.
Mark: (Giggle with embarrassment) I remember those... Those were so silly.
Angelica: By the way... Where did you put the love letters that I gave you?
Mark: Uhhh???... In the car...
Angelica: Oh.. "I stood there in disbelief"
Mark: Well anyway... Guess what day it is today babe?
Angelica: (Smiles with joy) What day is it today?...
In my mind - "He finally remembered what day it is!"
Mark: Today is the day my new tires come in that I ordered online (Smiles)
Angelica: Oh yeah I remember.... (Frowns)...
In my mind - "He still doesn't know"
Mark: It's gonna come this afternoon. I'll go wait for it outside. (Runs outside)
I tried to open the last letter but it was too wet with tears. I ran to the room and cried for four hours this time. He still didn't notice. He has never gotten me anything for any of our anniversaries. I've waited 6 months and still nothing.

- Another Month Gone By

It's November 1st, and it's our 7th annversary. I waited for him inside.
"If he doesn't remember this time, then it's over". He walks in...
Mark: Hey babe, what are you doing?
Angelica: Nothing, just waiting for you.
Mark: Why?
Angelica: Do you know what today it is?
Mark: Well it's saturday...
Angelica: How Could You Keep Forgetting!?!?!
Mark: Forget about what?
Angelica: Our Anniversary!!!
Mark: Oh I forgot... I must have been busy working on the...
Angelica: Get Out!
Mark: Babe why?
Angelica: Now!
Mark: but babe I...
Angelica: Go Now!
Mark- Walks outside
I slamed the door on his back and I fell on my knees crying for about 5 hours. I heard the car engine roared into life and blasted out of the driveway. The last thing I heard was his tires skidding on the garage ground. I was so heartbroken that I passed out and fell asleep.

- Three days later (November 4th)

I didn't hear from him since that day. He would usually come back to apologize. I called his family but they said he never went homel. He has nowhere to stay so I called his cellphone. However, It is not in service... I was so worried that I ran up to my room and started crying again. I cried for six hours before I fell asleep on the floor.
I have a nightmare while i was sleeping...
In my dream, we're in his car and we're speeding on a two lane road. I'm in the passenger seat screaming. He was driving and crying at the same time. I tried my best to tell him to slow down but he just won't listen to me. I see a turn coming up. It's a very tight corner and it’s on the edge of a hill. We lost control and spinned out of the road and down the hill. The last thing I saw was a sign that said "SLOW DOWN - 10FT DROP"
I woke up before we crashed and I’m sweating profusely... I was in a daze for about 10 minutes.
I asked myself, "Why didn't i wake up earlier?".
I'd usually wake up before I get scared in my dreams. My friend walks into my room and I quickly got up pretending as if nothing had happened.
Jenn: Wake up sleepy head... Say... Want to go and look at all the lights from the top of the mountains?
Angelica: Cool, I'm there... Just let me get ready.
Jenn: Ok, but hurry up
Angelica: How long was i asleep?
Jenn: About 2 hours

I looked at the clock and it said 7:00 pm on the dot. I'm still wondering about my dream as I wash up and changed into a new shirt.
"It felt so real"
- In the car
We're going up the mountains and the four lane road turned into a two lane road as we got higher. Me and Jenn are talking about going to a concert next week. Suddenly, our conversation turned into a strange eerie silence. Then up the road, I see a sign that says
I gasped and yelled at Jenn, "STOP!!!"
She slams the brakes and we stopped in the middle of the road. Luckily there wasn't any traffic and so we're alone.
I stepped out of the car and looked at the road bend and I saw skid marks on the ground leading to the edge of the hill. There's a big gap in the guard rail as if a car had ran straight into it. I looked down at the edge of the hill to see Mark's car lying at the foot of it, crushed under a tree. I dropped to my knees and went into a daze. Jenn was surprised to see how I found the car.
After shaking myself out from the daze, I ran to the wreck to see Mark lying there with his head down. I checked his pulse only to find out that he's gone. I cried bitterly and while crying, I saw his right hand touching the glove compartment of the dashboard. I walked around to the other side of the car and opened it. I found a box with a lock on it. It was a key lock but there was no key to be found. I looked aroung the wreckage and found a paper sticking out from under the seat. I pulled it and to my surprise, it was the first letter that I wrote to him. I kicked the seat and it broke off and under it was all of the letters that I had wrote to him. Every single one was there. Under all the papers was a key. I looked at it and then looked at the box. I stuck the key in and twisted it. "CLICK!" The box pops open and I dropped to my knees crying again when I saw the necklace that I was eyeing four months ago in the catalog. I looked at it and put it on. But that wasn't all... Under the necklace was a tiny pillow and under that pillow was a diamond ring and a letter.

Dear Angelica,

I've been waiting for a long time for this moment and I think it's the perfect time. We've been together for 8 months and that was enough time for me to find out that you are the right one for me. The whole time I've been working on my car, I've also been planning on how I to tell you this. All i can say now is that I really love you. I want you to be mine and only mine. I will always feel this way no matter what happens to me or you. So in conclusion... Will you accept this ring for me and wear it till the day you die? As long as you have it on, I will always be with you.
Always Love;

P.S. - I will still love you and I'll make up foor all my mistakes even when I die.

I lost my heart and all senses the moment I finished reading the last words. My tears smeared the writing on the letter and the words slowly disappear from the moisture. I noticed that I am covering a part of the letter with my finger. I moved my finger away slowly to read the piece of writing. I read it closely and it says... "November 4th - 5:00pm" I stopped and started thinking… I realized that 5:00pm was when I fell asleep and dreamt about the car crash...
I cried that whole night regretting every single word that I said to him. Till today, I am still wearing the same ring he left for me. I'm also working on his car that he died in. I'm planning to fix it up to be my own. I know that he is still in that car. So I've decided to keep the car with me till I die. As long as I have the car, I'll always have him.